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Making Good Men Better

“The strength of Freemasonry is in its loyalty to each other.” – Vasilios Karpos

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Making Good Men Better since 1890

Since our founding more than 128 years ago, by adhering to the tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth; Gila Valley Lodge 9 has been a life changing experience for countless men. The impact Masonry has had on the individual lives of our members, the community, the state of Arizona, and the nation as a whole has been an immeasurable gift.


The continuation of the Masonic mission of “Making Good Men Better” relies on the preservation of the craft through contributions of our Brothers. Dues alone are often not enough. Generous individual donors like you make it possible for Gila Valley Lodge 9 to continue to change lives. Through your meaningful donation, you will be supporting the delivery of a lasting legacy that will further and empower the important Masonic mission for future generations of men and Brothers.

We offer many options for charitable giving, and we welcome all donations. We are thankful for one-time gifts that provide an important and ongoing source of funding for key programs and projects as well as recurring donations which make the expansion of our mission possible.

Additionally, many Legacy Donors have found that bequests are a way to perpetuate the values & ideals shared through Freemasonry which have been so important in their own lives. Including Gila Valley Lodge in your estate plans is an ideal way to express your benevolence and dedication to the values of the Fraternity, and a great way to ensure Masonry succeeds for future generations. 

Gila Valley Lodge 9 thanks you for your generosity and support. Together, we can change the world.

Ways You Can Donate



Online giving provides you with a fast, safe, easy, and secure way to show your support to Gila Valley Lodge No. 9.

You can donate to Gila Valley Lodge 9 online via PayPal.  You can set-up a one-time or recurring donation. PayPal will deduct 3% from your donation for processing, or you can opt to cover this in your donation.

Note that when a gift is made online, your receipt will come from PayPal. 


Individual funds for a dedicated objective within Gila Valley Lodge's purview may be set up in the case of large donations. To contact Gila Valley Lodge regarding such donations, please email our Lodge Secretary


For all other donations made by email, simply download the link below, fill it out, attach it to your email, and send to our Lodge Secretary  


One of our officers will follow-up to assist you.


Here are some helpful notes for sending a gift by check:

  • In your gift, you can express a preference for its usage. This should be indicated by a notation on the check. 

  • Make checks payable to Gila Valley Lodge No. 9 F & AM

  • Complete this donation form by printing and mailing it with your check to:

Gila Valley Lodge No. 9 F & AM

P.O. Box 1127

Florence, Arizona 85132


Many members of Gila Valley Lodge 9 prefer to make direct contributions to help support the Lodge. Gila Valley Lodge accepts in-person contributions for those brothers who prefer the face-to-face interaction.

If you would like to make your donation in person:

  • Download and complete the donation form.

  • Make checks payable to Gila Valley Lodge No. 9 F & AM 

  • Cash donations are also accepted, and a receipt will be provided upon request.

  • Contact our Lodge Secretary to coordinate a donation drop-off or pick-up.


A Tribute Gift or Memorial Donation is a meaningful way to leave a legacy, to honor someone important to you, or to remember a loved one.  Your gift supports Masonic programs that help to change the world of tomorrow by making good men better today. 

A provision may be made in your will or trust bequeathing money to Gila Valley Lodge No. 9. To contact us regarding a bequest please send an email to our lodge secretary.

Sample Verbiage for Will or Trust

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